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. The apparition of our Lady “Our lady Of Snows” goes back to the 4th century. A couple known as Juwan Pathriyas, who lived in Rome had no children. The couple being greatly devoted to our Lady wanted to spend their wealth for the glory of God but didn’t know how to do it, as they had no directions. Meanwhile in prayer. Our Lady appeared to them on 4th , 5th, August 352 A.D and revealed to them that they should build a church on the hill of “ Ascolin”, one of those well – known mountains. In order to establish the authenticity of the massage his Holiness, the Pope Liberius (352 – 366) Juvan Pathriyas, his wife and a procession of people marched to the hill that was revealed.

The day was August 5th and was extremely hot; yet suddenly a down pour came in and thereby the place to build the church was revealed. Accordingly, within two years, a Basilica was built on the indicated site and the same was dedicated to our Lady of Snows. Thereon numerous churches dedicated to our Lady of Snows were built through out the world and showers of blessings have come into the lives of mankind.



Rt. Rev. Dr. Anthony Coudert OMI, the Archbishop of Colombo consecrated the first church dedicated to Our Lady of Snows at Periyamulla. On the occasion, the archbishop said that in the same manner, Juwan Pathriyas was called to build a Basilica for our Lady, God has also called Juwan Appu Rendarala to build the church of Our Lady of Snows in Periyamulla. No doubt, within a century, our church of our Lady of Snows has produced holy priests, Artists, teachers and other professionals in diverse fields. We would recollect that Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Benjamin Cooray, the first Archbishop and Cardinal of Sri Lanka, when invited to grace the 75th Jubilee celebrations of our church said that as a boy he also carried building materials brought by boats, to build our church.

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