Information | Church Renovations in view of the centenary celebrations

Church renovations in view of the centenary celebrations

  1. Construction of the Cardinal Thomas Cooray Memorial.
  2. Replacing the church roof tiles.
  3. Removing the old cement floor of the church before recementing same.
  4.  Tiling the church inside floor.
  5. Reconstruction of the old exterior church walls.
  6. Painting the church.
  7. Construction of a new tabernacle for the Holy Eucharist.
  8. Construction of a new candle stand.
  9. Construction of a new concrete structure in front of the church
  10. Painting the church doors.
  11. Spraying of the church fans.
  12. Setting up of the new public address system.
  13. Fixing new bulbs inside the church.
  14. Replacing to electricity poles in the church premises.
  15. Consecrating a statue of cardinal Cooray in front of the church.
  16. Polishing all church furniture.
  17. Renovations to the mission house.
  18. Painting of all church statues.
  19. Give a new look to the church premises.

Jubilee Celebration Program
1910 - 2010


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