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Ret. Rev. Dr. Nicholas Marcus Fernando the Archbishop Emeritus with Periyamulla Parish Pastoral Council on 4th of June, 2001 Rev. Fr. Lester Nonis
with Parish Pastoral Council 2010

Parish Pastoral Council

The Archbishop of Colombo had directed all the parishes in the diocese to for parish pastoral council in keeping with the understanding of the church, in order to aboard the participation of various lay groups in parish activities. The parish pastoral council is an active body in our parish. We have eleven lay moment groups in our parish they are Sacred Heart Society, Legion of Mary, Catholic Student Moment, St Vincent de Paul Society, Holy Childhood Society, Society of Devine Mercy, Society of Married Youth, Youth Moment, Church Choir, Sunday school and Marriage Encounter. Our church is consisted of about 600 families and they are divided into eighteen novena units. The church pastoral Council represented by the novena leaders and the leaders of the said societies extends fullest corporation to the parish priest in all his parish work and services.


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