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On 19th of February 1991

The Pontifical society of Missionary Childhood

Founded in Nancy, France in 1843 by Bishop Charles de Forbin Jansen to awaken in every Catholic child a strong scene of commitment to Jesus Christ and a zeal for the spread of the Good News everywhere by: Deepening one�s faith Living it faithfully and Sharing it joyfully

To prepare the Catholic Children to be joyful in their Faith and to share it with their other brothers & sisters at school, at play or any point in their lives.

To encourage children to pray, to be loyal to their elders and to bring together all children in a world wide fraternity.
To spread the good News of Jesus far into the remotest corners of the world by drawing their attention to the spiritual as well as the material needs of the children throughout the world, with their prayers, sacrifices and their offerings.

Holy Childhood Society in Sri Lanka

The Holy Childhood Society has existed over 60 years in Sri Lanka but was confined to a few catholic schools in the island. After the Asian Regional /Meeting of the National Directors of these societies in Bangkok in the year 1986, a decision was taken to broad base this movement in Sri Lanka in order to make it more relevant and effective in the Sri Lankan context; To assist all Catholic children in Sri Lanka towards a deeper and stronger experience of
     their faith through a spiritual communion with Christ. To awaken stronger scenes of mission in them, enabling them to proclaim their faith boldly
    and authentically. To guide them in such a way as to make them experience the universality, urging them to  
     transcend all barriers of caste, race, color or language. To assist them in achieving a deep concern for the needs of the universal mission of the  
    church to the point of giving their lives generously. To spread the gospel, even through 
    religious or priestly vocation. To enkindle in them a great love for the poor, the suffering, the oppressed and all who 
    represent the suffering face of Christ today. To assist them to develop a greater spirit of missionary co-operation, the worldwide church.

The Society is present in every diocese in Sri Lanka and there are well over 78,000 enrolled members and many more who are to be enrolled. By giving a true Christian and Missionary formation to the children even from their very tender age, the society could render a great service to the future generations of children, it also would help, to protect our children from being corrupted at a very young age by the selfish, irreligious values of modern society. Besides they could be trained, not only to think of their own spiritual or material needs but also to the needs of their children.

Holy Childhood Society Periyamulla

In 1989 a little seed germinated in the little hamlet of Periyamulla, to spread Lord’s kingdom and to tell about His love among the little ones of this Village. Once Jesus said “Let the little children come to Me, for the Kingdom of God belongs to them”. So to fulfil this command Holy Childhood movement was started here in Periyamulla under the guidance of Sister Shirani Britto and with Sherani Lambert and Marcas as animators. At that time there were 20 children who got involved in this movement, and they received their badges from Fr. Malcom Ranjith who is the present Archbishop of Colombo. As the years went by this grew and continued its journey spreading God’s love among the little children. At present Sister Princy is giving the leadership to the Holy Childhood movement with five animators and 90 children.

Holy Childhood Society 2010


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