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Rev. Fr. Lester Nonis
with Jubilee Committee

Jubilee Committee

This year being the hundredth of our lady of Snows Church every one was interested in celebrating the Jubilee in a fitting manner, As a way of showing their gratitude to blessed Virgin Mary. When parish priest Re. Fr. Lester Nonis and Parish Pastoral Council where consulted regarding the matter, it was their anonymous decision that we should have a Jubilee Committee, where all parishioners interested can have chance to contribute. An open invitation was issued inviting all those who wish to participate in Jubilee Celebration. The response was very encouraging.

It should be noted with pleasure that our exercise of working to form a Jubilee Committee has resulted in bringing various groups that have remind away from the parish activities for active participation once more. This might be the greatest gift that we have received for the Jubilee Year.



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