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The Legion of Mary was founded by Frank Duff on September 7, 1921 in Dublin. His idea was to help Catholic laypeople fulfill their baptismal promises and be able to live their dedication to the Church in an organised structure, supported by fraternity and prayer.
The Legion was first only open to women; the first men apart from Duff himself joined it in 1929. The legionaries first started out by visiting hospitals, but they were soon active among the most destitute, notably among Dublin prostitutes. Frank Duff subsequently laid down the system of the Legion in the Handbook of the Legion of Mary in 1928.
The Legion of Mary soon spread from Ireland to other countries and continents. At first, the Legion often met with mistrust due to its dedication to lay apostolate which was unusual for the time. Only after Pope Pius XI expressed praise for the Legion in 1931, could such mistrust be quelled.
Most prominent for spreading the Legion was the Irish legionary Edel Mary Quinn for her activities in Africa during the 1930s and 40s. Her dedication to the mission of the Legion even in the face of her ill health due to tuberculosis brought her great admiration in- and outside of the Legion. A canonization process is currently under way for Edel Quinn and a beatificationprocess is currently underway for Frank Duff.
Membership in Ireland had been declining but due to efforts by the Concilium to attract younger people to its ranks through the Deus et Patria movement a substantial increase in membership has now occurred.

"Our Lady of Mount Carmel Presedium" – Men

Commenced by Mr. Aloysius Appuhamy in the year 1954. Meetings are held on Sundays 5.00 p.m.

Our Activities:

1. Obtaining statistics of the persons in the parish who have received and not received Holy Sacraments. 2. Visiting the Negombo Base Hospital on every Wednesday and praying on behalf of the patients. 3. If someone expires in the parish, prayers are recited in the night at their residence. 4. Visiting the orphans at the Tammita St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged. 5. Meeting the junior member of Legion of Mary and finding out their shortcomings. 6. Giving Rosary to the junior members of the Society.

“Our Lady of Snows Presidium” - Senior Ladies

In 1974, during the period of the Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Stanley Mellawa, this society was formed. Meetings are held on every Wednesdays at 5.00 p.m. in the church premises.

Our Activities:

1. Assisting the Parish Priest by visiting house to house and obtaining statistics.
2. Continuing the Strength of the Sacred Heart.
3. Visiting each and every house in the parish and explaining to them the importance of the Sunday Catechism School to the children and prompting them to go to Sunday school.
4. Teaching the Catechism to the children and elders.
5. Visiting the persons who are interested to know about the religion and also the persons who are married to non-Catholics.
6. Visiting the patients in the Negombo Base Hospital and also the orphans at the Tammita Home for the aged.
7. Organising one Novena during the Negombo Base Hospital Church Feast.
8. Visiting the sick persons and elders and praying in their presence.
9. Visiting the inmates at the Dalupotha Open Prison Camp.
10. Organising all feasts of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
11. Conducting Holy Hour on behalf of all catholic priests on the first Thursday of every month.
12. Organising the Junior Legion of Mary.
13. Selling the “Messenger” Catholic Newspaper Amongst the parishioners.

Our Lady of Snows Junior Girls Presedium

And also we have a Junior Girls Presedium. The meeting will be held every Sunady at 4pm in the Church Premises.

Our Activites :

Residing the Holf Rosary,
Sweeping the Church,
Maintaining the church Garden.
Visit patients and pray for them.

Members of Legion of Mary attending a prayer service for
a sick mother in the parish.

Rev Fr. Lester Nonis
with Legion of Mary [2010]


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