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It so happened that on 05th August 2008, a group of young married enthusiastic boys got together and formed the Married Catholic Association of the Church of Our Lady Of Snows, Periyamulla, Negombo, turning a new page in the history of this Church.  Rev. Fr. Kithsiri Thirimanne who was the Parish Priest at that time blessed and gave us his full support which gave and additional strength to our Association.  The aim and the sincere intention of forming this Association was to render our faithful services towards the forthcoming Centenary celebrations of this Church, which is scheduled to be held on 22nd of August 2010.   

Although the office bearers were elected and this Association was carried on in accordance with the rules and regulations, it is with great pleasure that we mention that each member of the Association fulfills his obligations to the very word and we work as a team.    

Before we went further in meeting our goals, it was very important and we were in the belief that we gain the trust of our parishioners first and also show the unity of this Association to all of them.  Bearing this in mind, we successfully organized the Sinhalese and Hindu festival celebrations at the Church premises on 7th April 2009.  At the end of the celebrations, we received their appreciation and they placed their trust on us without any hesitation. 

This encouragement prompted all our members and their families to join hands together and step forward and go ahead with various planned projects and complete them before the centenary celebrations of the Church.

Our main object was to tile the old Church floor.  For this purpose it was compulsory that we raised funds.  As a first step we organized a musical fiesta named “GOLDEN OLDIES” which was very successful.  We are happy to state that all the parishioners gave us their fullest co-operation by purchasing tickets for the show considerably and they all turned up for the show in large numbers, and enjoyed it.  We take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Krishanthi Fernando, Directress of the SRI T.V.  For the ardent support given by sponsoring this show and for telecasting it worldwide. 

Our Association felt that it was necessary to have an entrance to the new car park at the corner of the Church premises.  Our area member of the Negombo Municipal Council, Mr. Kapila Nandasulochana Perera came forward and assisted us in this matter.  We thank Mr. Kapila Nandasulochana Perera for his kind gesture.  As the entrance required an iron gate, our association utilized a part of the money earned from the musical show and fixed a new iron gate.  Further, our association contributed towards the installation of electricity to the Church premises and the Church Cemetery

As the above mentioned projects were progressing, it became necessary that the Church building be painted to give it a new look to suit the centenary celebrations which is a rare opportunity someone gets in life time to witness. Here again, Mrs. Krishanthi Fernando came forward and introduced  GRAND HOMES,  Kadana, to us and this highly reputed Company undertook to paint  the whole Church building at cost of Rs.2.5 million.  Grand Homes also participated as a co-sponsor for the musical show “GOLDEN OLDIES.”  We convey a BIG THANK YOU to the Managing Director Mr.  Nuwan Samantha Bandara and the staff of Grand Homes.

On a suggestion made by our area member of the Negombo Municipal Council, Mr. Kapila Nandasulochana Perera , the Negombo Multi Purpose Co-operative Society donated a sum of money to be utilized for the  floor tile work at a time when we  required Rs.1.6 million for this project. We say thank you very much to the President and the staff of the Negombo Multi Purpose Co-operative Society.  

The Hon. Minister of Road Development, Animal Production and Development, Housing and Construction, Fisheries and Tourism of the Western Provincial Council, Mr. Nimal Lanza, assisted us to do the concrete work of the floor before the floor tiles were placed.  Whilst thanking the Hon. Minister, we thank Chaminda Construction too for assisting us to complete the floor tile Project. 

We the Married Catholic Association, at our expense, has constructed a new concrete platform in front of the Church and it has been tiled.

As a considerable amount of money is required by the Church for the Centenary Celebrations, our Association organized a raffle draw to raise funds for it.  Once again, Mrs. Krishanthi Fernando, Directress of the SRI T. V. joined hands with us by donating two return air tickets to Velankanni Church in India as the first prize.  The second and the third prizes have been donated by Jetwing Travels, Negombo, and this was co-ordinated by Mrs. Rukamali Fernanndo of Jetwing Travels.  We thank Mrs. Rukamali Fernando and Jetwing Travels.  We appreciate very much the support extended by Mr. Raymond Anthony in connection with the raffle draw.   

Up to date, the total expenses met by the Association for all the above said projects amounts to nearly Rs.6 million.

Whilst we were involved in attending to all the above said Projects, we faced certain criticism for no reason. However, in the midst of these problems we had during this period, all members of the Association stood together and carried out the planned projects in the right way and successfully completed them.

Finally, we the Married Catholic Association of the Church of Our Lady Of Snows, Periyamulla, Negombo, thank all our donors and the parishioners who have assisted us willingly.  We wish to place on record that we will never grudge anyone who have criticized us with or without his or her knowledge and assure that we will always be together in looking after the welfare of the Church of Our Lady Of Snows, Periyamulla, Negombo.



                                                                                                 August 16, 2010

Members Seated from  L - R
Ajith / Niroshan    /   Rev. Fr. Lester Nonis   /   F.lambert   /   Rohan

Standing 1st Row
Ruvina / Dirukshi / Inoka / Thilini / Priyani / Tharanga / Sadamali / Chamari /   Dimuthu / Sureshini

Standing 2nd Row
Ruwanthi / Thushari / Dushan / Frank / Frank / Ranjan / Dissanayake / Chandani / Ruchira

Standing 3rd Row
Susil / Roshan / Dester / Anton / Thushara / Nalaka


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