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Joseph Cardijn

Born in 13 November 1882 at Schaerbeek-Brussels and Ordained Priest on 22 September 1906.

 He is a priest who realized that the Church was not in touch with working young people, and that these young people are prevented from making any truly Christian response to life because of the conditions in which they liked and worked. Cardijn from his appreciation of the Gospel had deep respect for the dignity of each individual. This dignity comes from the fact that all people are called to be sons and daughters of the living God. 

In 1917, he was imprisoned due to his protest against unjust German aggression.

He always gathered around him a small group, working on the basis of his friendship with them and challenging them to response to this vision of dignity for all.

The movement- Young Christian Workers (YCW) was formed, from which the YCS took its inspiration and methodology-SEE-JEDGE-ACT.
He is considered as the spiritual father of YCS.

1925- YCW is launched nationally

24 July 1965 – Cardijn was appointed as Cardinal

24 July 1967- Cardijn Passed away

Birth of YCS

YCS was born around 1930s. It was a new pastoral approach amongst catholic students. Putting into contact and coordinating existing associations of Catholic students was not part of its objectives. These YCS groups grew by their own strength in several countries, but later, they began to be aware of each other’s existence and more importantly recognized the common spirituality, vision, apostolate that they shared.

After World War II, communication, relationships and exchanges improved.

The YCS was officially founded:  In 1946, wherein representatives of 8 YCS movements met together in Fribourg, Switzerland. A decision was taken at this meeting to set up an International YCS Centre of Documentation and Information to serve all YCS groups all over the world. Keeping in mind that YCS is Spirit & Life, its experience was spread, shared and deepened all over the world. In 1954, the first World Council was held. At this meeting, the statutes and common bases were approved.

Goal: To form student leaders through See-Judge-Act Methodology
Mission: Through the YCS cells to influence the student milieu


*          To revitalize YCS cells in the parishes and the schools
To appoint Deanery Chaplains and their formation is an important element that has to be conducted regularly
*          To visit YCS cells regularly by the Chaplains To conduct seminars for students and
animators at the Deanery and Archdiocesan Levels
*          The PPs should animate their parish cells by visiting and encouraging the YCS


The Archdiocesan Chaplain, Deanery coordinators together with school chaplains will meet regularly to evaluate the effective function of this plan of the Student Apostolate



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