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The Catholic Youth Group of the Church of Our Lady of Snow Periyamulla, brings together the youth of our village. Its main objective and mission is to bring together the youth and give them the opportunity to experience the guidance of our redeemer Jesus Christ and the intercession of Our Lady of Snow to conquer the challenges of adolescence.

Our youth cluster has been organizing various projects during the past years. These activities have paved the way to the teenagers to stride further at all times and to work in true team spirit.

Customarily the New Year mass is structured by our society. The members work enthusiastically to decorate the church and assist the Priest and the council to set up the Eucharistic service.

The month of February is much anticipated not only by our members but also by the members of all youth groups in the Negombo Dean as we organize the Deanery and Parish Cricket tournaments to strengthen the bonds and good will within our parish and other parishes in the neighborhood.

As we march on to the period of lent we offer our support to the church in its programs during the Holy week.  Special services of Way of the Cross and seminars to uplift the spiritual lives are organized by us.

Month of April –The Sinhala & Hindu New Year Celebrations is one more significant period – the young and the old look forward to take part in the proceedings we arrange during the New Year celebrations – the church ground is converted to a village atmosphere and everybody takes part in traditional games. 

The months of July and August is allocated to organize the Annual Church feast.  The Pandols at the Junction and the Church entrance are built by the youth.  Many encouraging sentiments have set our society to build these Pandols every year in different modules. We also collect goods from parishioners to sell at nominal prices during the church feast period. The proceeds from these sales are given to the church for its development activities.  

During the Christmas season our members toil to construct the cribs in the church and to organize the festive services in its true spirit.

The 2009 Christmas turned a new venture of our society – for the first time in the history a Stage Drama with the partaking of our members was presented to the Parishioners.  This Drama was made a reality under the direction of the famous Tele drama actor Richard Manamudali who turned our members to excel in their acting potentials. 

As we approach the celebration of the jubilee of our treasured church we are in the midst of various projects. We have organized a project to wash vehicles to raise funds to meet the financial expenses to purchase the necessary raw materials to build the 2 Pandols. The Parish Priest and the Jubilee committee has entrusted us with the assignment of landscaping the church garden with a new impression.  We undertook this venture eagerly to pay our tribute to Mother Mary who is our Guiding light. We are confident through the assistance and donations we receive from our benefactors we could make the garden a pleasant sight to the church.

It should be placed on record the abundant guidance and direction given to us by our Parish Priests past and present were a foundation of strength to meet all challenges entrusted to us.  Our praiseful appreciation is also with Perpetual Help Convent Sisters who are the pillars of strength to our Society at all times. 

We are blissful for the Love, Affection, Understanding and Wisdom extended to us by the Parishioners and Senior Citizens of our village for giving us the freedom to carry out all our projects as a team.  The blessings of snow we are being showered by our Lady of Snow will bestow us with strength to bring peace and harmony to our people and the village.

May our Lady of Snow shower her choicest Blessings on all our Families!


Our Projects

Landscaping the Garden


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